Top 6 Hand Tattoo for Men

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Hand tattoos are a meaningful way of expressing someone’s character or devotion to another. In earlier times, warriors, priests, and sailors had hand tattoos for sacred purposes. For whatever reason, looking for a tattoo design to fit your preferences is not an intimidating task and if you are searching for an inspiration to get yourself one, here are the Top 6 Hand Tattoo for Men.


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A hand tattoo does not have to cover a large area, nor must it be colorful and full of intricacies. Quite many people are choosing a minimalist style for their hand tattoos for a pristine and  straightforward design. This style ranges from a small print you can doodle in less than a minute, to a mysterious symbol you found on your old favorite book or a simple pattern representing the nuances of your life. 

Simple Nautical Theme

Naval tattoos used to bear immense significance back when people were starting to cross oceans to explore the other side of the world. A swallow tattoo meant to track the sailor’s time at seas (one swallow equals 5000 nautical miles), a single anchor tattoo was the prize for crossing the Atlantic ocean, and a compass rose was meant as a good luck charm for sea travellers. Although these designs’ importance are not as widely known as before, these old-world and signature symbols still draw attention in the present era.

Black Traditional

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These bold and black tattoos are an excellent choice to express explicit imagery. With minimal to no shading, this design gives a strong, no namby-pamby feel. Both the wearer and the spectator will have the stirrings of an emotion similar to watching an enigmatic and paradoxical work of art.


The neo-traditional tattoos adapted the sophisticated style from the traditional tattoos while daring to break its rigid tattooing rules. With this option, you’ll have more freedom to choose from a broader color palette resulting in an artwork that closely resembles reality. It can be very easy to get invested in this design with its awe-inspiring narrative only the most talented artist can deliver.

Black and Gray

Give your hand an old movie inflection with this style. The only limit with black and gray ink is the artist’s creativity. This Hand Tattoo for Men can do wonders out of many evocative themes and thought-provoking designs.

Palm Tattoos

For some, getting a tattoo might not be entirely for self-expression. Pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin, and getting a palm tattoo is the perfect example of this point. Although the designs are not as intricate as the traditional styles and it most closely resembles minimalism, the efforts of both the artist and the human canvas are worth the teeth-clenching pain. 

The hand represents a lot of capabilities a person has and touches all possibilities that are within reach. It also literally and figuratively connects people to each other, thus spreading happiness and making  life worth pain and struggles. A Hand Tattoo for Men is an aesthetic way of proclaiming this fact.

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