The Best Stomach Tattoos For Men - Top Tips And Ideas The Best Stomach Tattoos For Men - Top Tips And Ideas

The Best Stomach Tattoos For Men

The Best Stomach Tattoos For Men

Stomach tattoos are permanent designs that are drawn anywhere on your torso using ink and a needle. Stomach tattoos are quite popular with men in the fitness community as they help accentuate your chest and six-pack. Read on for tips on how to get the best stomach tattoos for men.

The Best Stomach Tattoos For Men
The Best Stomach Tattoos For Men

Symbolism Of Stomach Tattoos For Men

Stomach tattoos have in the past been associated with gangsters. As an example, Tupac, the greatest gangster rapper was famous for his stomach tattoos. Getting a stomach tattoo will, therefore, give you a tough image and may scare away the conservative and unexposed people in society.

The torso is also a hidden part of the body so you should only place tattoos that are very meaningful and intimate as not everyone will see it. Additionally, if you don’t want to be seen with a tattoo the stomach is a great place to get a hidden one.

Full Torso Tattoo

Full torso tattoos are not for the faint-hearted. The stomach area has a lot of nerve endings. Getting a tattoo in this area is therefore very painful.  On top of this the torso area is quite large so completing a tattoo may take weeks or even months and will require a lot of funds.

Designs for torso tattoos are infinite. You can get a quote written around the neck area, and the rest of the torso can have designs portraying the quote. Winged creatures such as angels, birds, and butterflies are also very popular as each wing can take one side of the torso. The large surface area also allows for intricate images of animals such as wolves and lions to be drawn. Beasts are great choices for men because they can signify your courage or ferocity.

Tribal Stomach Tattoos For Men

If you are deeply rooted in your culture getting a tribal tattoo could be very meaningful for you. Tribal tattoos are also very aesthetically pleasing and timeless hence, it is hard to go wrong with them. They are usually black and white with intricate curves and designs. Some people also opt to write a meaningful phrase or word in their language.

Belly-Button Stomach Tattoos For Men

Another great idea is to use your belly button as a focal point and get a tattoo designed around it. An example could be to get a sun tattooed around your belly button to signify happiness or enlightenment. Some people also get religious designs such as mandalas or wheels drawn around the belly button to show their spirituality.

The Best Stomach Tattoos For Men
The Best Stomach Tattoos For Men

Stomach Tattoo Tips

In order to get the best stomach tattoo, take your time to choose a timeless design that you can be proud of as you grow older. You should also be very careful when choosing a tattoo artist. Ensure you have enough money to pay for an experienced artist and check their previous work to ensure that they are skilled at their work. Before you get the tattoo make sure you don’t drink alcohol as this will make the experience more painful.

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