The Best DIY Face Painting Kits for Children and Adults

DIY Face Painting Kits

Face paint nowadays can be used for much more than just painting faces! It has even become popular with adults to create designs, using face paint as a masking method.

When choosing a face paint kit, always remember that it is significant to choose the right one. Some kits come with very few paints. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you will be wanting to make sure that whatever colors you decide on purchasing come from the same manufacturer.

If you are a beginner face painter, it is best to start with a set of about 12-18 colors plus white and black. It will allow you to paint everything from fairies and princesses to tigers and crocodiles! As you get more comfortable with face painting, you can purchase more colors.

If you want to create a beautiful and vibrant look, it is relevant to take your time and try not to get frustrated even if things aren’t going as planned. Watching tutorial videos may help you to have an idea of what you should look like before starting.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite face painting kits for all ages, both beginners and experts!

Pony Create-A-Pony Kit

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Kids love ponies and all of the fun accessories that can go along with them. This kit comes complete with everything you need if you wish to create your cute pony! Just add a little bit of imagination, and this face paint set will be perfect for every party! It comes in 12 colors in various sizes, one brush, and a book of instructions.

As a bonus, the colors are produced without cornstarch or other fillers, so they won’t dry out as quickly as other brands. The set is easy to use and make a gift for any occasion!

8-Piece Cartoon Animal Face Paint Set

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This kit is great for kids and adults alike! It includes a total of 8 colors which are very vibrant, plus a brush to allow you to paint intricate details.

Please note: this set does not come with instructions as it assumes knowledge from the person who purchases it. However, there are many available online by Googling! You can find some on Pinterest or YouTube.

6-Pack of Face Paint Sticks

This set comes with 1 oz. Each has different colors: black, yellow, red, green, blue, and white. They are easy to use – solely add a little water to the top of the stick, and you will have vibrant color in just minutes! The colors can be used for different projects like painting on paper, cards, or even rubber stamps.

iHeartRaves Face Paint Kit

It is a fabulous face painting kit that comes with everything you need to paint, even if you are starting! It includes 4 detailed brushes, 3 tubes of high-quality food-grade alcohol-based makeup, and 30 of their most popular colors! This face paint kit can also be a set for adults. The colors include: green, yellow, orange, purple, blue, pink, red, white, and black.

Adult Watercolor Face Paint Kit

This set comes with everything you need including the colors themselves, brushes, instructions plus a booklet of stencils to get you started! It contains 32 different colors that are great if you like to create many different looks.

The kit comes with: red, yellow, white, blue, black, and green which allows you to mix them for even more color options. This might be a cheap face paint kit but a set that will last for years with proper care!

Fun Express Face Painting Makeup Set

This face paint kit comes with everything you need to turn your child into a pirate or any fun creature you can imagine! The set includes 2 containers of black, green, and blue face paint along with a brush.

You can also purchase this fun kit in pink if you would like to paint your little girl into a stegosaurus or mermaid! It is perfect for adding that special finishing touch to any Tinkerbell costume.

These kits are affordable and great for all skill levels! If you are more comfortable with the brushes, there are sets specially meant for those as well.

You don’t have to be an artist to create a beautiful masterpiece! Whether your goal is to paint faces at events or on yourself (for the fun of course!), face painting can allow you to show off your creativity. It can be a good painless way to get rid of creative blocks, or it can help you quickly relieve stress when you are in need! With almost no limit when it comes to designs, there is no telling what kind of beautiful creations you will make.

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