Maori Tattoo: A Beginner's Guide To Get One An Explanation

Maori Tattoo: A Beginner’s Guide To Get One

Maori Tattoo - A Beginner's Guide To Get One

Maoris are aboriginals from the great island of what is now called ‘New Zealand’. These tribes inhabited the land for thousands of years long before western civilization started visiting. They are fierce warriors and very famous for their tattoos. The modern world has taken a liking to their tattoo art and passed it on to the rest of the world. Read on to know more about Maori Tattoo as an art form and make an informed decision.

The focal point of a Maori tattoo is usually the face. In the ancient days, this was a sacred process and so, anyone getting such a tattoo would not speak or eat anything during the process. Maori tattoos are very painful and those getting these made a point not to cry or pass out. The Maori’s believed that a tattoo is a thing of pride and feels very attached to it. It shows their loyalty and commitment to the community.

Maori tattoo design is made of a few essential design elements. The lines that look similar to skin lines are also known as Manwa lines. They are the main lines around which the rest of the tattoo is built. It represents people and groups of a certain tribe or community. Each group had its signature style, and with enough knowledge, you can identify people based on the tattoo.

Maori art is akin to a few keywords, ‘Kiri’ – meaning skin and ‘Tuhi,’ meaning art comprise the main component of this art form. ‘Ta Moko,’ a deviation of this art form, is for the face exclusively. If you are planning to get a Maori tattoo, here are some basics you should know.

Pakati Maori Tattoo

This design represents the warriors and the battles that they fought in. It is a display of courage and strength. The dog skin cloak that this tattoo represents is usually black and white in form.

Maori Tattoo - A Beginner's Guide To Get One
Maori Tattoo – A Beginner’s Guide To Get One

Hikuaua Tattoo

This tattoo represents a region called the Taranaki in present New Zealand denoting prosperity. It is in the form of the tail of a mackerel.


This tattoo in the form of a fish and its scales is a picturization of abundance and health. If your statement of getting a tattoo is to show the world about these factors you should consider this design.

Maori Tattoo - A Beginner's Guide To Get One
Maori Tattoo – A Beginner’s Guide To Get One

Ahu Ahu Mataroa‘ Maori Tattoo

This design shows talent, achievement, and athleticism. Sports and other competitive challenges are the norm for such a tattoo.

Though the information available in the form of tattooing is limited, it has a rich history. The west published a lot of reading material on this. Lack of information on the origin and it makes it even more mystique to get such a tattoo for your self. However, you should make sure you know the meaning and its purpose before getting one. Be sure you talk to a knowledgable person with competent skills to finalize your Maori tattoo. You must ensure to get one that depicts your statement and says it right in the traditional style.

Getting a Maori tattoo will also require a lot of patience and the ability to bear the pain. Though there are easier solutions available, it is a good idea to get one that is authentic from an authentic artist. Check every angle before you get yourself a Maori tattoo.

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