Euphoria Makeup – Learn Iconic Makeup Look With Just Simple Steps

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If you are always up to date with fashion trends, you might love to try bedazzled and glittery eye makeup. This trend is inspired by the HBO show ‘euphoria.’ However, it is getting more popular because of its unique and aesthetic makeup trends and brilliant storyline. Meanwhile, in this show, euphoria makeup is the perfect balance of both the experimental and ethereal.

But euphoria makeup cannot be worn daily. Therefore, it is the best makeup idea to wear for a Halloween party, costume party, concert, or when you want to do something different with your makeup. We are here with a step by step guide so you can achieve the euphoria makeup by yourself. Keep reading on to learn how to get a euphoria look.

Eye Makeup

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Your eyes are the focal point of euphoria makeup. To do a euphoria makeup, your eyes require you to be bold. Don’t be afraid to use different glitters and colors. Let’s go with the steps!

Step 1 – apply a pea-sized primer on your eyelids.

Step 2 – take some nude brown eyeshadow and evenly buff it and make a smooth base for the next step.

Step 3 – you need to choose classic gold or silver eyeshadow tones to get a proper euphoria makeup look.

Step 4 – now, draw a wing eyeliner with dark black eyeliner. Also, you can use bright colored eyeliner like blue, brown, etc.; if you want something more, then you can draw graphic eyeliner styles. This step will give your makeup a more dramatic look.  

Step 5 – fill your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and then apply mascara.

Face Makeup

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While doing euphoria makeup, keep your face minimal and simple. You can do the same makeup style that you usually do, like using a moisturizer, foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, etc.

Step 1 – take a foundation and apply it on your face with a blender. After that, apply a pea-sized concealer but make sure the concealer matches your skin tone.

Tips: always use minimal and lightweight concealer and foundation. This will give you a dewy and fresh base.

Step 2- after the base makeup, apply blush and contour. But remember one thing using only a light layer of contour.

Step 3 – set your makeup with setting spray, and your euphoria look will be a lock!

Lip Makeup

Everyone wants pouty and beautiful lips. A nude pouty lip makeup will go best with your euphoria makeup look.

Step 1 – Use a lip liner for a pouty lip look.

Step 2 – now apply a nude shade of lipstick evenly.

Step 3 – apply creamy lipstick to fill the center part of your lips and blend it. Using a Lighter shade in the lip center will help you to make your lips poutier and fuller.

Last Words

These are handy and simple steps you can follow to get a euphoria makeup look. Also, it is not as tricky as it sounds so that everyone can have fun with a euphoria look.

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