Animalistic Body Art – Animal Tattoo Designs and Where to Find Them

animalistic body art

Animalistic Body Art has grown in popularity in recent years. It offers a high-quality tattoo experience with an animal design that is unique and symbolic. Easily found at 611 Marion Road, South Plympton, with free onsite parking also available. Tattoo parlor, located at Marion Road – South Plympton, is open daily Mon to Sun, or by appointment only. This article will discuss the background of this unique tattoo style.

The history of animalistic body art in England can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The first known depiction of animal body art was a painting called The Spikeiller. It was created around the year 1200. According to legend, it was created by the king of England, Edward the First, as a way to scare away enemy troops. However, local historians disagree.

Animalistic Body Art

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Some evidence points to another artist being the first to use animalistic body art in paintings. The tradition of animalistic body art continued well into the 18th Century. There are several examples in print, including, The Anonymous Madonna and Child by William Shakespeare (circa 1595), The Madonna and the Rose by Giotto (1503), and The Virgin with a Crown by Sir Peter Leley (1590). Regardless, the trend continued into the early modern period.

In past centuries people liked to carve or paint their bodies. They used facial features, nails, feet, and other parts of the body to create unique and individual tattoos. Animals were considered beautiful and were the subject of all sorts of tattoos. The Chinese often depicted animals in the form of gods and demons. Some Christians used images of dragons, ogres, and snakes to portray their beliefs.

Modern-day body art has become much more mainstream, especially when it comes to tattoo designs and what they depict. Many artists prefer to use cartoon characters or simple images. The newest kinds of body art are more like tattoos on the skin rather than the typical “tat” that was once given to animals. Today, you will see many people who pick a design from a magazine or a tattoo parlor’s catalog.


Animalistic art can be classified as any type of body art that contains the basic elements of an animal. An animalistic design may be completely made up of the animal’s features, or it may include only its claws or fur. Many animalistic designs have incorporated various elements of both. Examples include Celtic animal tattoos, tribal animal tattoos, tiger tattoos, leopard tattoos, etc.

Animalistic body art has even gone beyond the boundaries of tattoos. A lot of people now choose to incorporate aspects of the animal into their everyday wardrobe. This can be anything from a bird tattoo to a fish tattoo. Animalistic style clothing can be found in a variety of places, including online shops and specialty boutiques. In fact, if you do a search for animalistic clothing, you’ll find many online shops that feature it.

Things To Know

In the end, choosing animalistic body art is completely up to you. If you feel that animals make you feel strong or feminine, then it might be something that you want to get inked with. If you think that tattoos are cool and stylish, then maybe getting some would be a good idea. It really depends on your own personal preferences. Even so, it’s important to note that animalistic designs are most common among Christians. When it comes to body art, at least in the United States, Christians seem to be leading the way with animalistic body art.

Beyond just being common, there are other reasons to pick animal tattoo styles. Animal tattoo styles can actually be more versatile than a regular tattoo. If you’re planning to change the design, later on, it can be easier to change and more convenient. Also, because of the customization factor, you can use more than one type of animal tattoo.

You can find a lot of different animalistic body art on the internet. Just search Google and look through any gallery you can find. You’re sure to find many unique tattoo designs, even if you do a search specifically for animalistic designs. You can take a look at pictures of actual tattoos to see what a tattoo in general looks like. From there, you can decide whether or not you want an animalistic tattoo. Some people choose animalistic designs because they tend to be a lot less complicated.

Bottom Line

A lot of the time, people get these types of tattoos done because of personal beliefs. There are people who believe animals are part of the natural world, and some even believe that animals have spirit. If this is your belief, then animalistic body art may be right for you. Otherwise, you should probably stick with something more traditional. Either way, you should do some research on how to plan a good tattoo before you get one.

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