5 Best Cross Tattoos for Religious Men

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When it comes to getting tattoos, different religions have varying degrees of reaction and stance. For the more understanding believers, tattoos are another means of showing one’s faith and devotion to divine power. One of the best symbols religious men choose is the holy cross. It’s meaning in the life of a Christianty profound and inspiring. Here are the five Best Cross Tattoos for Men:

Wings and Cross Tattoo

A pair of angels’ wings flanking a black and grey cross tattoo will look majestic across the entire chest. Angels have been known symbols of divinity, relating to ever-present and thoughtful guardians and the departed’s ethereal souls. This tattoo is an excellent expression of the belief that someone will always look out for you in times when you most feel like giving up. In the darkest of the night, the religious will always look for guidance in the form of their faith.

Cross and Flowers Tattoo

Flowers adorned places of worship and accessorized sacred religious rites. The symbolic meaning of these botanical gems differs across many sects of Christianity. Aside from that, flower design makes a beautiful companion to a cross tattoo when applied with a neo-traditional style of tattooing. Choosing a flower to place along your cross tattoo can be an insightful journey once you get to the symbolic meanings of flowers and how these relate to you.

Heart and Cross Tattoo 

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While the may cross represent faith and passion, a heart symbol may depict unconditional love. These two symbols are well-known in Christianity since it symbolizes the most powerful messages of the church. A famous illustration amongst Christians, the Sacred Heart, is a beautiful piece that blends well with Cross Tattoos for Men, making it a personal favorite among the devout.

Tribal Cross Tattoo

The artful tribal styles blend well with a cross tattoo. If you are looking for a design that can express your religious devotion while resonating the reception of pre-religious beliefs, getting your cross tattooed in tribal patterns is an excellent option. You can have it tattooed somewhere visible for an artful showcase of your faith, or somewhere inconspicuous for a more personal feel.

Small Cross Tattoo

Many believe that having a quiet and personal relationship with God is a more favorable expression of one’s faith. They would rather spend their devotion time in private but meaningful ways. But, that does not stop them from expressing their affection through a small cross tattoo. A small cross tattoo can be your symbol of strength and courage if at times you feel like you are being tested and you desperately want something to hold on to.

Expression of religious devotion through many forms of art has always been a thing since the beginning of civilization. People feel the need to have their beliefs anchored to something tangible and observable. Thus, it is perfectly understandable to have faith represented in a symbolic form like a tattoo. These Cross Tattoos for Men show the perfect balance of self-identity and a religion-driven life.

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