4 Ways To Pick A Tattoo: Ideas For Guys

4 Ways To Pick A Tattoo - Ideas For Guys

You always wonder what tattoo to pick after you decide to get one. How do you decide on the next tattoo you want to get or the first one? Read on to find out the five ways to pick a tattoo – ideas for guys. You can choose to take one tip from this or use all the five. There is no sequential order to this, and you can mix and match the tips to your liking.

It is not just some plain paper that you are inking on. It is your skin – A living breathing tissue that changes over time stretches and is exposed to a lot of things like heat, cold, water, among many other things. So when you pick a tattoo, you should consider these elements. What you put on your skin should still look & feel the same five, ten, or even twenty-five years later.

4 Ways To A Pick Tattoo - Ideas For Guys
4 Ways To A Pick Tattoo – Ideas For Guys

Here are 4 ways to pick your tattoo for guys:

Decide Your Statement

A tattoo, more often than not, is a statement about you. It reflects on what you stand for. It showcases your attitude towards life, someone or something that you believe in. Make sure you have a sound understanding of this will help you shortlist the options and choices you like. Pick a statement that represents your life’s philosophy. You can choose to make it apparent or build in a subtle way of saying it.

Style Matters

There are various kinds of tattoos out there. Research as much as you can to find your right style. Right from simple lines to complex ones that require a lot of work, like traditional tattoos, Maori, Warrior, to a couple and matching tattoos and statements, there are a galore of options to pick from — finding your right style matters. It is a critical element to match the style with the tattoo.

Placement Of Tattoo: Ideas For Guys

Identifying the placement of your tattoo is the next important decision to make. You do not want to position it in a place that is conspicuous or embarrassing for others. Neck, wrist, arms, and shoulders are some common acceptable placement tattoo ideas for guys. The position should also sync with the style of the tattoo and give enough space for the artist to work with. Make sure the size and design of your tattoo take that into account.

4 Ways To Pick A Tattoo - Ideas For Guys
4 Ways To A Pick Tattoo – Ideas For Guys

Traditional VS. Contemporary Tattoos: Ideas For Guys

The reason that traditional tattoos lasted for so long is that they still look cool. Such tattoo ideas for guys are long-lasting and make an impression irrespective of the genre. Watercolor tattoos, on the other hand, have a time frame and may go out of fashion with changing preferences. So choose yours wisely.

Finally, don’t think of a reason to get a tattoo. There is never one that is good enough. Spend some reasonable time on the decision. But beyond that, you are not going to change your mind. If you want to get a tattoo, go get one. Enjoy the experience and remember it.

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