4 Best Tattoo Ideas for Men

Tattoo Ideas for Men

Tattoos have a long history in their pockets. It already existed a thousand years ago, and it has been proven with the ancient artifacts found. One example of it is tattoos found in the body of a mummy. Before, these tattoos are a sign of bravery.

They were often tattooed on men to signify their battles. Currently, tattoos are emerging as a new art form again. It had entered the eyes of mainstream media with the help of a few famous people.

It reemerges with the help of a few brave individuals like John O’Reilley and Emily Burgh. They, despite the critical looks of other people, still bravely expressed themselves using tattoos. Around the 50s, tattoos were once again a sign of bravery. However, this time they are now associated with thugs and crimes. Thankfully, in the 70s, it had gained immense popularity and was no longer associated with criminals.

As of now, tattoos are still signs of bravery. We compiled four best tattoo ideas suited for men:

Family tattoos

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Most often tattoos have a deeper sentimental value to them. Men add tattoos of something close to their hearts, which is why family tattoos have become popular. Family tattoos are tattoos that portray bonds among men.

It becomes an eternal bond between family members. One example is that you can tattoo your family insignia or surname; this will serve as a reminder to anyone that you belong to a family, and they had your back.

Animal Tattoos


Other times men have tattoos that remind them of something important. These can be of any form, sometimes they come in the form of animals. Animal tattoos are popular with people who love tattoo.

It creates a symbol for each animal that it represents. Some of the popular tattoos are lion and wolves, signifying bravery, strength, and overcoming adversities. Animalistic objects like feathers or fangs are popular as well. Others choose their “spirit animals” as their tattoos.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribes usually had tattoos that symbolizes their power or ranking. Some are mysterious and aesthetically pleasing. Not only do they convey beauty but also a hidden message to anyone who sees it.

The tribal tattoos did not come from western culture; most of them are from indigenous tribes, which only the person who has the tattoo knows its meaning. Due to their aesthetic values, many adapted these tribal tattoos up to this day and it serves as beautiful artworks on their bodies.

Realistic tattoos

Recently, realistic tattoos gained popularity. These type of tattoos usually depicts scenery, a character, nature, and human figures. They are tattoos of things that can be found in real life.

Although the message may not be as profound as others’ thoughts, to the person who has it may have unforgettable memories around it. These tattoos require immense skill and talent of the tattooist in order for it to look realistic even on the person’s body. This goes to show that tattoos are a form of art.

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