10 Awesome Chest Tattoo for Men

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You might be thinking of getting a modest, partially-hidden tattoo which suits well your identity and represents everything that is important to your life. Or, you might be merely looking for something that will look good on your body. Whatever your reason is, consider any from this list of ten Awesome Chest Tattoo Men for a full-on tattoo experience.

Tribal Prints and Patterns

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Tattoos are, without any doubt, can serve as an expression of one’s identity. But with these intricate and wide-covering tribal patterns, these also test one’s courage and mental strength after enduring hours of excruciating tattoo sessions.

The Wise Owl

This owl tattoo with wings expanded across the entire chest is another form of individualism and a showcase for symbols you relate yourself with. Literature depicted this animal as a wise and watchful guru, yet a predator that brings death and guards souls. The combination of the optimistic and dark meanings behind the owl symbol has a certain kind of mysterious character, fitting for an expression of duality.

Your Name

On personal identity, your name is the predecessor of everything that makes you “you.” Get your calligraphy name tattooed across your chest for a confident introduction.

Water Waves Design

This elegant yet straightforward tattoo is an excellent reminder of how much life is similar to swimming in a vast water body. At times, it can be calm, and you can wade peacefully and fearlessly. But then, a tremendous incoming wave can be all-consuming. No matter what happens, in Dory’s words from the movie Finding Nemo, “Keep swimming.”

Praying Hands Tattoo

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A piece that shows a prayer gesture is an artistic form of religious expression. Although it may seem ironic since some religions view tattoos as body desecration, one can’t go wrong with a symbolic guidance in times of spiritual darkness.

Twin Raven Symbol

This mythological symbol makes for a perfect topic of conversation. Ravens are known to be associated with the supernatural, a mystery most people like to ponder. As darkly enchanting as it looks, this Norse mythology symbol holds deeper meaning as it relates to wisdom and power of thought.


This majestic Hindu symbol, which means “circle” in Sanskrit, expresses not only the wearer’s spiritual depth but also the artist’s expertise. 

Skull, Rose, Bird

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This tattoo can be one’s metaphor for death, love, and life, but can mean something else to another. Regardless, the minute details and dark shades will get every eye drawn in.

Water Lily Tattoo

Floral designs can work well with Chest Tattoo Men, contrary to what some people think. This engaging flower artwork looks best if tattooed on your neck, too.

Sundial Design

When humanity started marking the passage of time, they also recognized the impermanence of life. This sundial tattoo is a subjectively permanent remembrance of the inevitable loss of time and making the most out of it.

Find the artist you can trust and get started with any of these Awesome Chest Tattoo Men. Express yourself and indulge in your new passion with serene, religious or explosive designs.

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